The decision of whether to float or not is one of critical importance to owners and managers and we ensure that all options, including private funding, are considered before recommending a flotation. Once a decision is made, we advise on:

  • Standard Listings (Official List)
  • AiM
  • ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX)

At the current time, we are cautious as to the effectiveness of AiM and have been advising companies to look to Standard Listings or ISDX (the latter particularly for SMEs).

Our team has been involved in over 100 flotations across all markets and have personal experience of the process as directors and owners, as well as advisers.

We provide a turnkey solution, including not only the necessary regulatory work and advice on a Listing but can also offer a costs management process to cap the total cost of a flotation, including all professional fees.  The Company takes a proactive role in the management of transactions to control the professional team of advisers and manage all related documentation within a cost effective timeframe.

IAF Capital is an approved corporate adviser member of ISDX, which is a dedicated market for SMEs. We understand the processes and pressures involved in the preparation for Listing and we can advise, sponsor and support companies to achieve a Listing on ISDX by introduction, private placement or flotation (IPO) and are authorised for all work on Standard Listings.

"the decision of whether to float or not is one of critical importance to owners"

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