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Securities Fraud Alert

IAF Capital Limited wishes to advise that that one or more individuals posing as IAF Capital Limited have “cloned” our firms details and are engaging in fraudulent attempts to offer securities trading to investors falsely purporting to be IAF Capital Limited. The fraudsters are using a website unrelated to our own and an image of the fraudulent website is shown opposite.

Please be advised that you if have been the recipient of a fraudulent request or communication, you are the victim of misrepresentation by fraudsters and the communication which you have received regarding an offer to invest was not initiated by any IAF Capital Limited entity or IAF Capital Limited employee.

You are the victim of an attempted fraud and are in communication with individuals who may be attempting to learn your personal and banking details for criminal or illegitimate purposes including theft.

We strongly advise that you cease all communications with the individuals regarding this fraudulent offer and alert your bank and local authorities if your personal information has been divulged.

Investors should take all necessary precautions to avoid fraudulent activity, such as performing background checks on investment managers.

IAF Capital Limited is committed to safeguarding all confidential information about our clients.

The FCA has published an alert regarding this fraud and for further information please click on the link below:


If you are concerned about any potential fraud, please contact the appropriate government agency or your nearest police station.


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